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Dalia and her two sisters grow up in a pagan apocalyptic cult. She escapes and the cult is closed and broken up by authorities - or so Dalia thought. Years later signs of the cult re-emerge. With her two sisters still missing, Dalia must journey into the wilderness to seek an exiled antichrist who may hold the key to their disappearance. Her investigation quickly becomes a descent into hell. 
Darlia from Cult Girls Horror Movie



“Mark Bakaitis is a unique artisan with an unmistakable mind for imagery... Like a bastard child of Eraserhead and Häxan, his visceral expression is more important than whatever narrative he's telling”


“Ranks up there with Argento's witch trilogy and Polanski's Ninth Gate. Skillful occult world building and very well made.”


“When it comes to both modern pagan/folk horror films and modern horror cinema,CULT GIRLS is truly an efficiently frightful keeper.”

STEVEN MILLAN - Letterboxed

“The dream like sequences have the most compact form... and create a vivid backdrop that easily absorbs 

the consciousness and attention of the viewer.”

ANDRIJA JOVANOVIC- Berlin Revolution Film Festival

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