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Erin McKimm - Composer and Soun Designer for Cult Girls

Erin McKimm is a multi-disciplined, AACTA award-winning sound designer, composer and artist whose passion for sound and music has developed into a successful career in film, television and soundscape design. 

He has worked with Academy Award Winner Adam Elliot on Mary and Max (Sound effects Editor-Soundwaves). With Expendables 3 director- Patrick Hughes on Red Hill (Sound editor-Sound waves) and with Justin Kurzel on The Snowtown Murders (Dialogue Editor Soundwaves, South Melbourne).

Jonathan Miller sound editing Cult Girls

Jonathan Miller, is one of the entertainment industry's most acclaimed and prolific sound editors. His unique talents have been known to set the auditory mood that defines a film. Best known for his work on Independence Day and Trainspotting.

Jonathan learned early that sound can tell a story and convey emotion. This has been the driving force behind his impressive body of work in all genres of filmmaking. His intricate design stirs the senses and can be both heard and felt, and this work has been acknowledged in a number of sound design achievements.

Originally hailing from England and educated at Haileybury, Jonathan comes from a long line of leading industry professionals, his father, writer Peter Miller and his grandfather Harry Miller, legendary Hitchcock sound editor, who inspired his love of sound design.

Swedish heavy metal band 'Tribulation' feature in Cult Girls horror film

Tribulation are a Swedish heavy metal band from Arvica that formed in 2005. In early 2009, the band released its debut studio album - The Horror. Their second full-length studio album - The Formulas of Death was released in 2013. In 2015, they released their third full-length studio album - Children of the Night, which showed a departure from the death metal sound of their first two albums, drawing significantly on traditional heavy metal, black metal, psychedelic rock, gothic rock, as well as the occult and supernatural mythology.

Tribulation were filmed for Cult Girls, at the Hymns To The Dead event at Dark Mofo, Hobart, Tasmania, 2016. The song Melancholia is performed live for the film. The track- Randa (from The Formulas of Death) can be heard in the scene inside the record store in Cult Girls.

The Lost Clog feature in Cult Girls horror movie

The lovechild of VCA graduate Stepas Vytautas Levickis and fellow stalwart of the Melbourne-Lithuanian community, Gabrielle Staugaitytė-Zdanienė, The Lost Clog (Pamesta Klumpė) brings together ten of Melbourne’s least renowned singers to breathe new life into archaic Lithuanian songs of village traditions, lush harmonies and pagan forests.

Formed in 2010, the ensemble of second-generation Lithuanian-Australians have catapulted from total obscurity to become Melbourne’s second-favourite a cappella-polyphonic-Lithuanian-folk ensemble.

The Lost Clog were filmed singing an ancient Baltic song in a ritualistic scene in Cult Girls.

Cult Girls- The Soundtrack

Cult Girls- The Soundtrack

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