“CULT GIRLS is making its way into the world in the midst of a folk-horror boom” - RUE MORGUE.COM

Cult Girls

“CULT GIRLS is an occult masterpiece ranking up there with Roman Polanki's 'the Ninth Gate'” - MORMO ZINE - U.S

"Best Director"
Cult Girls director 'Mark Bakaitis takes out the prestigious 'Best Director' prize for Italy's First Hermetic International Film Festival 2020.
The Agrippa Award is named after Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa- a German theologian and occult writer.
Cult Girls is now available to watch on Apple TV. Watch Cult Girls today! 
JBHI-FI's in house magazine 'STACK' interviews director Mark Bakaitis on his ventures and an insight into the making of Cult Girls. 
Speaking with STACK, Bakaitis explains what he believes sets Cult Girls apart from other locally produced films.
Director Mark Bakaitis on set for Cult Girls  - Photo: Polo Jimenez
Spreaker talks to Director Mark Bakaitis about all things Cult Girls. Check out the full interview here: 
Cult GirlsInterview with Mark Bakaitis
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An inside look at the create process and what drives director Mark Bakaitis with this film making and documentary creations.
MDK interview with director Mark Bakaitis surrounding the marketing and branding considerations within the creative process of Cult Girls. 

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